Proposed Mini-sessions

Mini-sessions are short (5-15 minute) sessions on how to do something practical in Drupal (or adjacent technologies). They'll take place Sunday morning in the auditorium.
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Let Git check your code

See Git pre-commit hooks in action. With a few simple tools, you can make sure all your code complies with Drupal coding standards.

Project Browser Crowdsourced Feedback

We will be gathering feedback information at the camp from the community on Project Browser, through the use of a virtual whiteboard in Miro! During this session, we'll review the results of the feedback, which will be provided to the Project Browser project team.

A Crash Course in Docksal for Drupal

Exactly what it says on the tin. Learn to use Docksal for Drupal in 15 minutes or less!

Order of operations for a successful Drupal deployment

The cliff notes version of what commands to run and when during a deployment, how that can change across environments, and a few tips to take your deployment game to the next level.

Markdown in minutes

Markdown is very popular for authors and developers. It's lightweight and straightforward to learn. Its open format allows it to be used across environments and tools.

In this lightning talk, we'll skip why we should use it and just moved through some of the basic syntax so you can get started using Markdown immediately.

Replace regex with a PHP DOM approach

When processing data for migrations, indexing, etc. we often want to do things like removing elements (with or without removing their content), changing elements types, etc. Using PHP DOM can be a more efficient approach than "regex-fu". I'll show a couple of examples of how to get started.

Creating an easy to use Bookable Calendar.

Get up and running with the Bookable Calendar module. It can be used to give guitar lessons, manage conference rooms at your school, or maybe even replace Calendly.

New in Drupal 10: Views Responsive Grid

Mike will walk you through the in's and out's of Drupal 10's new responsive grid formatter, how to use it, and why it's awesome!