2 Weeks is Too Long - On Demand Feature Deployments with Drupal

Session Category Development & Performance Room 158 Audience Intermediate Time Slot Sat 11:00am to 11:45am (2/24/24)

Join us in exploring our approach to feature deployments in Drupal that shortens the release cycle and enhances flexibility. Learn how to empower your development team to deliver on-demand features, making "2 weeks" a thing of the past.

What We Will Cover:

  1. Challenges of traditional 2+ week deployment cycles and their impact on development agility.
  2. Introduction to a modern approach for on-demand feature deployments in Drupal.
  3. Leveraging feature flags and configuration management to facilitate rapid releases.
  4. Practical strategies to ensure code quality, compatibility, and user experience.
  5. Real-world success stories showcasing the benefits of shorter release cycles.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Understand the limitations of traditional feature deployment timelines.
  2. Explore the concept of on-demand feature deployments and its advantages.
  3. Learn techniques to implement feature flags and streamline configuration management.
  4. Acquire insights into maintaining code quality with rapid development.
  5. Discover how embracing on-demand feature deployments can enhance development efficiency and user satisfaction in Drupal projects.
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About the Speaker

John Doyle

CEO, Drupal Architect at Digital Polygon

In a world where digital has become the norm, John has established his career on “building it better.” With a mission to leave every website better than he found it, John created Digital Polygon to deliver cutting-edge solutions to our client's most challenging business problems.

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