Accessible Slideshows - Button, button, who's got the button?

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Arguably, the first rule of slideshows is to not have slideshows, but what do you do when the primary stakeholder insists…

According to W3 schools: “Carousels are disputed from a usability perspective because their content can be hard to discover. Ensuring accessibility can also improve usability.”

Together we’ll follow Alice down the rabbit hole and learn about the different types of slideshows (often called carousels), discuss their components, and dive into how to make our slideshow accessible across different types of users and user agents.

We will also walk through some imagery from Wonderland and ensure our alt text conveys the information in a meaningful way for those who cannot access the images visually.

About the Speaker


AmyJune Hineline

Community Ambassador at Kanopi Studios


2020 Aaron Winborn Award Winner and Community Ambassador.

With five years of open-source community involvement behind her, she had the opportunity to become actively involved in both the Drupal and WordPress communities: working to lower the barrier to entry in tech through her leadership of first-time contributor workshops at the local and regional level.