Advanced Layout Builder for the Ambitious Site Builder

Session Category Site-Building Room 180 Audience Beginner Time Slot Sat 9:45am to 10:30am (2/24/24)

Layout Builder is great - right?  Not really - “out-of-the-box” it’s pretty terrible.  Despite a few initiatives that are trying to create a better experience, we’re probably a couple of years away from seeing anything specific.  

This session is going to present Layout Builder in a way that actually makes it easier to use with beautiful results that anyone can implement.  You’ll come away with a list of recommended contrib modules, a list of configuration settings, and a completed site with styles, pre-set blocks and more - all without a line of code and without locking in to any vendor.

We’ve been using this approach to convert non-Drupal sites over quickly, along with making the content editor’s job a LOT easier.

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About the Speaker

Rod Martin

Lead Trainer at OSTraining

Dillsboro IN

It's been my privilege to introduce Drupal to almost 50,000 people in the past 11 years through live training globally and video courses at OSTraining, LinkedIn and Acquia Academy.

Born in Australia, raised in Canada, living in the United States. I’ve been blessed to live in three countries and have traveled to many more.

I play ice hockey two or three times a week, ride my motorcycle anywhere and everywhere I can and find a lot of joy in my family.

I love when the light goes on over someone’s head - and they “get it”.