Build a fully decoupled application with Drupal and Astro

Session Category Development & Performance Room 158 Audience Beginner Time Slot Sat 2:00pm to 2:45pm (2/24/24)

This session will show how Astro and Drupal can create powerful and flexible web applications. We will set up Drupal to manage our content and provide APIs for your Astro application, and we will explore the basic web service configuration for Drupal. Astro will then be used to build our web application's front end. We will see how to create queries to retrieve content using the Drupal API. We will set up dynamic routes to handle content, allowing fast and efficient applications.


Learning Objectives

- Understand the approaches of a fully decoupled Drupal Application

- Configure Drupal Webservices.

- Set up and build an Astro application for Drupal.



Basic knowledge of Drupal JSON:API, JavaScript and TypeScript.



This session will provide valuable insights and techniques for building dynamic, scalable, fully decoupled Drupal applications.

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About the Speaker

Vincenzo Gambino

Software Engineer at Concentrix

London, UK

I am a Senior PHP and Javascript Software Developer from London, UK, with experience building Web Applications for medium and big-sized businesses. I have spoken at several DrupalCamps and co-authored the book Jumpstart Jamstack Development.

- Co-Speaker at DrupalCamp London 2016: Using SAML as a single sign-on for Drupal 7
- Speaker at DrupalCamp London 2017: Drupal server configuration with Ansible and Drupal VM
- DrupalCampPoland 2018: Interact with Drupal via voice commands
- Drupal Mountain Camp Switzerland 2022: Decoupled Drupal with ReactJS and Alexa
- Drupaljam 2023: Drupal and OpenAI for Content Editors 
- Drupal London Meetup 2023: ​​Organisor and Speaker
- Orlando PHP June Meetup: OpenAI and PHP for Content Editors 
- Drupal Dev Days Vienna 2023: Build a fully decoupled application with Drupal and NextJS