Build Once, Use Everywhere: Creating Reusable Web Components in Minutes

Session Category Development & Performance Room 179 Audience Intermediate Time Slot Sat 3:00pm to 3:45pm (2/24/24)

Web components are custom HTML elements that can be used across different frameworks and websites. In this presentation, I will demonstrate how to leverage libraries like Lit 3 to build lightweight, framework-agnostic components in just minutes.

We will cover:
- The benefits of web components - write once and reuse across React, Angular, Vue, and even CMS platforms like Drupal
- A quick overview of web component standards like custom elements, Shadow DOM, HTML templates and CSS scopes
- Using Lit to generate standards-compliant web components with just a few lines of code
- Building a sample component and testing it across different frameworks
- Deployment and distribution for dropping custom elements into any project

With the power of web components, you can create reusable UI building blocks and rapidly accelerate development across projects. Attend this talk to see how much leverage you can get out of these self-contained, framework-agnostic elements.

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