Building the IXP Fellowship

Session Category Beginner Track Room 158 Audience All Attendees Time Slot Sat 1:00pm to 1:45pm (2/24/24)

The IXP-Fellowship is a new community Initiative for onboarding inexperienced developers. We seek to address several issues:

  • Even "Junior Drupal Developer" roles often require at least 6mo-1yr of experience. 
  • Companies who invest in early development roles and emerging talent make a large investment in talent development, but then larger organizations in wealthier countries can hire the newly trained developers away at rates they can't compete with.

We cannot solve the differences in developer salaries, but we can try to find a way to ensure that companies are rewarded for their investment in training new developers, even if they are hired away. 

In this session, we would like to share our ideas and listen to the audience. How to ease the transition for newcomers to Drupal who just finished learning to developers who can be productive on a project.

The journey from learning Drupal to finally becoming part of a team creating ambitious websites is long and rocky at best. 

The initiative is gathering the experiences of long-time developers, trainers, companies, and new people to create a process that improves the intake of new developers into our community.

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About the Speakers

Ana Laura Coto

Web Developer at Cellar Door

Houston, TX

Tech savvy girl with 16 years experience in digital communications from animation to web developer. Meet Drupal 10 years ago when started to work for a company on a digital transformation process. There we need to migrate the website from a proprietary system to a more modern tool and we decided to use Drupal7.

Crossing the path from Digital Designer to Drupal Developer I found that the tools and skills that I cultivated in the way are a key for the successfulness of our projects. Skills like teamwork, communication, issue analysis, and problem solving can be difference for success. In the end the most important are the human skills that you learn and how you manage to make the best of your work.

Carlos Ospina

Houston, TX

Carlos is a computer engineer with over 25 years of experience. Working in the Drupal community for the past 10 years and with open source since 1996. Currently working as a Technical Account Manager for Acquia, since 2015.

Carlos has joined efforts with the Drupal community to help organize events, speak in different Drupal camps in both the English and Spanish communities in the US and Latin America.