Contributing to the Drupal community as part of client project work

Session Category Development & Performance Room 162 Audience All Attendees Time Slot Sat 11:00am to 11:45am (2/19/22)

Our client engagements and the Drupal community code can sometimes be viewed as separate efforts. However, when we, as community members, bridge this gap between client project work and Drupal core and contributed solutions, we can grow our community, maximize our efforts and build a greater sense of purpose with our work by knowing our clients and the larger Drupal community are both benefiting from better solutions we help create.

But how do we do that? In short, by living the Drupal community values Prioritize Impact and Better Together within our client project engagements. By fostering a learning environment for project internal and external team members and leading our partners through collaboratively decision making within the context of client engagements, we can align our ideas and resources to create great open source solutions.

In this session, Jason will outline this strategy and discuss how it aligns our clients’ business objectives with the Drupal community’s values, principles and goals by reviewing the approach’s benefits to clients, individuals and agencies. He will walk the audience through a client project’s typical lifecycle and demonstrate when and how to incorporate this strategy’s methods into our project management and development processes. By adopting this approach, Jason will use specific examples to demonstrate the outcomes: building Drupal community awareness, attracting new members, developing robust and flexible solutions, and making a bigger impact with forward thinking and extensible software.

While using this approach, project team members become Drupal community ambassadors to welcome client stakeholders to the Drupal community and serve as liaisons between client stakeholders and other Drupal community members to align client project goals with the Drupal core and contributed projects. Through this relationship building and networking, individuals will increase their impact and derive purpose from their client work by knowing their efforts create more value and success for more than just a few individuals.

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About the Speaker

Jason Want

Development Directory at Elevated Third

New Orleans

ason has ten plus years of experience working with Drupal as a site architect and builder, themer and developer. He is an Acquia Certified Drupal Grand Master and Certified Scrum Master. Jason is passionate about Drupal and enjoys participating in monthly New Orleans Drupal User group meet-ups.

When he’s not working with the team at Elevated Third, you can find Jason spending time with his family, playing soccer, sailing on Lake Pontchartrain or gardening in the yard.

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