Designer/Developer collaboration Made Easy: Leveraging FIGMA Features and Plugins for Effective Design Implementations

Session Category Theming, Design, & Usability Audience All Attendees Time Slot Fri 9:00am to 12:00pm (2/23/24)

This training will teach you how to utilize new FIGMA developer features introduced at Config 2023 for improved collaboration and handoff from design to development. We’ll review new and existing features such as:

  • Version control
  • Variables
  • Modes
  • Prototyping
  • Autolayout enhancements and improvements
  • Third party tools integration
  • Dev Mode
  • and more

This training is ideal for designers, developers, and project/product managers (or anyone) interested in streamlining their design process and enhancing collaboration between designers and developers. With this training, you will learn how to structure and utilize FIGMA features to ensure smooth collaboration between designers and developers, ultimately leading to faster development times and better-quality products.

Attendees will leave with a good understanding of FIGMA features and toolsets to accelerate your design implementations for digital applications and improve collaboration between designers and developers.

About the Trainer

Lisa Ridley

Tech Team Lead, Customer Support at Vardot

Chattanooga TN

Lisa is a long-time member of the Drupal community, having first gotten involved with Drupal in 2010 as a front-end developer on a Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 migration and upgrade project for a non-profit out of Alexandria Virginia.  Prior to a career in web development, she was a health benefits consultant and project manager for several major employee benefits consulting firms, focused on designing and administering comprehensive employee benefits programs for Fortune 500 companies.

After working as a front-end developer for a few years, she made the transition to back-end development and site architecture, and eventually operating as a tech team lead and technical project manager for a digital agency out of Chicago Illinois, where she honed her development and Drupal chops as well as her DevOps expertise on crafting and maintaining continuous delivery pipelines for the development team.

In her capacity as a Developer / Tech Team Lead, she works with projects from their inception to their delivery to clients, which includes the design process.  She has worked with both the design and the development teams to facilitate an efficient, scalable design and development process that maximizes client value through efficient use of tools and processes for both the design team as well as the developer team.

Lisa holds several professional certifications, including Certified Scrum Master and Certified Scrum Product Owner certifications from the Scrum Alliance, has completed a Human Centered Design consultative program and most recently completed a FIGMA MasterClass certification.

She lives in Chattanooga TN with her pint-sized Yorkie companions, Sassy Britches and Daisy, and in her spare time loves SEC college football, college basketball and is a long-time NASCAR race fan.