DevOps with Lando (half day morning)

Session Category Development & Performance Room 180 Audience Advanced Time Slot Fri 9:00am to 12:00pm (2/17/23)

Developing, testing, maintaining, and deploying your Drupal application can involve many complicated, repetitive, or otherwise cumbersome tasks and processes. Automating and streamlining these operations can save time, increase engagement within your team, and empower developers to ship more often and with a higher degree of confidence.
Join Aaron for his DevOps with Lando training session to learn how to utilize Lando as more than just a local development tool. You will learn to

  • Build a streamlined development to production pipeline that unlocks Lando's features as a DevOps and automation tool.
  • Automate builds and testing using Lando in the cloud.
  • Utilize DevOps processes and tooling that complement Lando in automating away the burden of many testing and maintenance tasks.

To get the most out of this training session, attendees should have a basic understanding of Lando or similar container-based local development tools as well as experience working with command-line interfaces and Git.

About the Trainer

Aaron Feledy

Senior Technical Architect at Kalamuna

Highland, IN

Aaron Feledy is a Lando contributor and evangelist who frequently appears at Drupal events across the United States to share his Lando and DevOps knowledge. He spends his working hours designing powerful Drupal-based solutions and streamlining operations.

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