Documentation for developers: A gift to your future self

Session Category Development & Performance Room 159 Audience Beginner Time Slot Sat 9:45am to 10:30am (2/24/24)

Being an effective developer is more than just writing clean code. Documentation is an important skill that has numerous benefits to developers and their teams throughout the life cycle of a project—whether in the form of meeting notes, decisions made during development, or technical implementation details. But even beyond that, these notes have long-term benefits for maintaining projects and building team skills.

In this session, attendees will learn best practices on writing effective technical documentation. Early in the course of a web development project, it helps with the early planning and decision-making that help make a project successful. Later, it provides clarity that eases website maintenance and helps build collective knowledge that your team can build upon in future projects. And as artificial intelligence tools play more of a role in our daily workflows, the value of written documentation will only increase for you and your team. This session will highlight how an early focus on documentation, written by and for developers, can have lasting benefits.

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Slides PDF format: Documentation for Developers.pdf (28.48 MB)

About the Speaker

Kurt Trowbridge

Front-End Development Team Leader at Gravity Works Design + Development

Lansing, MI

Kurt turns complex ideas into websites that are enjoyable, informative, and efficient to use. He enjoys collaborating with clients to explore ideas, as well as building the interfaces to meet their goals. Kurt enjoys combining previous experience with fresh ideas to find new, useful solutions. His attention to detail and responsiveness makes him a favorite among clients. Kurt is also an avid music enthusiast, having played trombone in two international concert tours.

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