Improving Layout Builder user experience

Session Category Site-Building Audience Intermediate Time Slot Fri 1:00pm to 5:00pm (2/23/24)

When using Layout Builder the goal is to empower the users to actually own their website and create amazing content with a smooth experience. Though, there are certain issues users face, for example: by default the users have way too many options for adding elements into layout builder, which makes it difficult and confusing for them, also they can’t see how a component looks like until they have filled up the form, the Save button is not placed in the most intuitive place, and so on. So just using what is in core is not enough most of the times and there are big needs to customize it.

In this workshop we will be making an advanced use of Layout Builder, we’ll go through some modules involved in making Layout Builder a more pleasant experience for content editors, we’ll see how they can be configured to make the most out of it and we’ll learn how to extend it using plugins.

Key takeaways:

  • Understand the main challenges of working with Layout Builder and different ways of improving it
  • Use contributed modules to improve layout builder and extend it through configuration
  • Create plugins for providing new types of sections to layout builder


Familiarity with Drupal Site Building

About the Trainer

Dharizza Espinach

Drupal Trainer & Senior Backend Developer at Evolving Web

Costa Rica

Dharizza is a Senior Drupal Developer with 8+ years of experience building successful Drupal projects. She also has a long-standing passion for knowledge sharing and empowering others to learn new things.