Providing a Soft Landing for Drupal 7 Site Owners

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As of today (Dec 19, 2022), is reporting 445,000 sites that are still on Drupal 7. While the number is declining, we know that many of the remaining sites either already have or will evaluate Drupal 10 and potentially decide it might not be the right tool for them (at least for now). Many of us in the Drupal community believe that we owe something to these sites, many of which are feeling left behind, in terms of helping them to find a soft landing either before or after official support for Drupal 7 ends. 

Irina Zaks recently launched the ‘Drupal 7 Soft Landing Initiative’ which is focused on helping these Drupal 7 site owners move forward by providing them with the tools and resources they need to get off of Drupal 7. Many of these sites will eventually move to Drupal 10, but we also need to provide information and resources that help Drupal 7 site owners evaluate the best alternatives such as Backdrop CMS (a fork of Drupal) or other open source alternatives including but not limited to, Wordpress, ClassicPress, and other open source platforms or tools. 

Who should attend:

  1. Drupal 7 site owners looking for their next home
  2. Agencies or contractors interested in providing upgrade or migrations services to Drupal 7 site owners.
  3. Community members interested in how they can help provide a soft landing for all the Drupal 7 sites currently feeling stuck on a platform that will soon be reaching End of Life.

What we will talk about:

  1. Evaluating and deciding on alternatives for Drupal 7 sites looking for a new home.
  2. Tools and resources to make the upgrade/migration as easy as possible.
  3. How to encourage Drupal 7 site owners to make their next move.

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