What Non-Developers Should Know About Content Migration

Session Category Project Management & Consulting Room 179 Audience All Attendees Time Slot Sat 11:00am to 11:45am (2/24/24)

Developers may know the ins and outs of migrations, but what do project managers, designers, or business owners do when faced with working on a large migration project? What makes a migration project different and what should you know when collaborating with developers on such a project?

This non-technical session will take you through the migration process at a high level so you can know how to get started; We’ll talk about the importance of thorough planning, what kind of issues you can expect (and avoid) and what else you should consider when undertaking a migration.

If you’re faced with an upcoming migration, whether it be from Drupal 7 to 10, from another platform to Drupal, or even not involving Drupal at all, this session will get you started on your path!

Learning objectives:

  • Develop a migration plan

  • Ask the right questions of your team

  • Anticipate issues you might encounter

Target audience:

  • Project Managers of website migration projects

  • Business owners

  • Website administrators


  • Experience administering a website

  • General web terminology

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