Why Drupal developers should also be using Laravel

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Do you write custom modules? Build PHP with composer, use Symfony?
Then being proficient and hugely productive in Laravel is only a little effort away.
Reuse a lot of your existing PHP development knowledge, to be able to build quickly and efficiently, in a very complementary PHP Framework.
I'm sure we've all shoehorned something into Drupal to make some CRUD style App, but Drupal is a CMS, and it's not really what it's good at. 
You end up wishing you hadn't done that, after reaching for your favorite and best understood tool - Drupal. Now there's an easy alternative - Laravel.
Any CMS style work, use Drupal. Any CRUD/App style work - use Laravel instead. 
It will make you happy. And you get to reuse a lot of the Drupal/PHP development knowledge to ease you way into becoming a dual Drupal & Laravel developer.
Laravel is easy to learn, fun to use, and has a great community. It's a great tool for any Drupal developer add to their toolbox.

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