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Crayons Down! Accessibility for UX is More than Contrast

Session Category Theming, Design, & Usability Audience Intermediate Speaker(s) dbungard

More and more teams are discussing how their work impacts the overall accessibility of a project. Time and again UX teams focus a lot of their energy on colors - which is important but only a fraction of the UX journey. Dear UXers - there is SO MUCH MORE you can do!

In this talk we’ll leave the colors at the door and talk through the top 15 things that UX team members can do to bake accessibility into every stage of the projects lifecycle. Come away with a better understanding of how to produce accessible deliverables that set your team up for success.

Drupal be #1 Decoupled CMS

Session Category Sessions off the "Drupal Island" Audience Beginner Speaker(s) kamlapreetkaur

In a decoupled CMS, the back end (where content is created) and front end (where content is displayed) are housed separately. Decoupled CMS architecture is front-end agnostic and takes advantage of web services and APIs to deliver content in its raw form to any front-end design, anywhere.

In the session below I would like to demo & discuss the features of existing decoupled Drupal Projects.


Existing Decoupled Drupal Projects 

  • Contenta CMS
  • EzContent API
  • Decoupled Menu initiative or  Drupal 10


I would also like to discuss the Roadmap and features to be #1 Decoupled CMS. I would try to bring this from our experience of working with an existing very big Media & Publishing Company.


Drupal 7 to 9 migration - Strategies & Learnings

Session Category Site-Building Audience All Attendees Speaker(s) selva.swamy

This session is to have an interactive learning with the global Drupal community by sharing the experience of doing a discovery for a site migrating from Drupal 7 to Drupal 9. As part of this session would be sharing how we implemented a template for documentation of different aspects of the Drupal site and what where the different choices we made and why based on our client's needs.

The session will help those who are aspiring to upgrade their site to Drupal 9 follow a generic approach. We will share our learnings along the way when taking this big leap

At the end of this session attendees will be able to

  • Better perform the Drupal 7 to Drupal 9 migration by having clear understanding of the site and convert it into equivalent Drupal 9 site using a proper documented approach
  • Develop a generic template for understanding the source site and converting into equivalent target site
  • Apply the decisions that need to be made between different contributed modules and why we had to choose what we had selected

Component theme development with Storybook and Emulsify

Session Category Development & Performance Audience Intermediate Speaker(s) markie

Come learn component development. Learn ATOMICish Design but with Drupal in mind. We will be creating a theme using Emulsify. This allows us to build the theme using a Storybook design system library. Discover the in’s and out’s of applying your design system to your custom Drupal theme with Twig Extend and blocks.

Composer Plugins 101

Session Category Development & Performance Audience All Attendees Speaker(s) ultimike

If you're new-ish to Composer, once you are comfortable with basic commands, it's time to dig a little deeper.

In this session we'll cover the basics of Composer plugins and demo several that are well-used in the Drupal community including the Drupal core Composer scaffolding plugin, Composer Patches, and more.

the ElePHPant in the room, Drupal 7 impending EOL

Session Category Site-Building Audience Beginner Speaker(s) fractalgalexy

To be on the cutting edge and up to date with best practices, It is important to run the latest stable release of a software project.   Some projects introduce major changes from version to version, one of these projects is of course Drupal, with the jump from D7 to D8/D9.  

This shift included changes to the underlying architecture of the 
Drupal engine put in place to "Get off the Drupal island" in an attempt to utilize the latest best practices in object-oriented and MVC PHP patterns.  Adoptions of the Symphony framework, YAML files, and Twig templates achieved this but also made the already formidable Drupal learning curve steeper, alienating some in the community and also causing the need for expensive and time-consuming migrations and updates. In a sense, many D7 web apps need to be almost rewritten rather than a simple upgrade. Many are grappling with this situation and postponing it as the D7 EOL approaches nearer. Luckily the community has been hard at work on solutions to make the migration or rebuild work so that more organizations can enjoy the power of the newly designed D8/D9 framework.

In this session, we will go through the different modules available in the Drupal community which can to assess the changes that are necessary for one of these upgrades. We will also cover the approaches and steps that should be taken to complete the upgrade.

Drupal Contributed modules:
- New tool suite by Acquia
- Module supported by Moonraft

Accessible Slideshows - Button, button, who's got the button?

Session Category Theming, Design, & Usability Audience All Attendees Speaker(s) volkswagenchick

Arguably, the first rule of slideshows is to not have slideshows, but what do you do when the primary stakeholder insists…

According to W3 schools: “Carousels are disputed from a usability perspective because their content can be hard to discover. Ensuring accessibility can also improve usability.”

Together we’ll follow Alice down the rabbit hole and learn about the different types of slideshows (often called carousels), discuss their components, and dive into how to make our slideshow accessible across different types of users and user agents.

We will also walk through some imagery from Wonderland and ensure our alt text conveys the information in a meaningful way for those who cannot access the images visually.

Exploring Top Media & Publishing Drupal Distributions

Session Category Beginner Track Audience Beginner Speaker(s) kamlapreetkaur

Leading media and publishing enterprises across the globe are already testifying the positive impact that Drupal has made on their digital business. By enabling a professional editing experience, multi-channel publishing, and personalization distributions are revolutionizing the way media and publishing houses approach Drupal.


In the session:

  •  I will talk and MVP features required by media applications and how they are built on Drupal distributions like Ezcontent, Thunder, Varbase, etc
  • Demo key features 
    •  Drupal’s page builder for unstructured content like landing pages
    • How paragraph components can be helpful while adding structured content on Article and Blog pages
    • Publishing and SEO features these distributions provide

Cross platform apps and PWAs powered by Drupal for everyone

Session Category Sessions off the "Drupal Island" Audience All Attendees Speaker(s) fractalgalexy

Every organization, every budget, and every timeline can be a perfect case for an app powered by Drupal. Published on the app store, stable, and often indistinguishable from a native app, PWAs can be a perfect solution to reach your goals on time and on budget.

Progressive web app technology coupled with cross-platform frameworks and native code can be used to optimize the development process and get your app delivered using web technologies familiar to a wider range of developers. The end result is a more stable and polished product.

This presentation will include my story of creating a successful business based on an app for both iOS and Android that uses PWA technologies and native code. All powered by Drupal.

We explore projects supported by Google for PWAs such as Bubblewrap and workarounds for iOS including PWA builder's recent adoption of WKWebview, as well as custom code solutions for WKWebview.

Benefits of PWAs include 
-Efficient timelines and budgets.
-Utilizing existing veteran development resources and technologies for a stable reliable experience.
-Enhanced SEO when integrated into a website.
-Limited network usage and offline functionality which is beneficial for those living in developing nations.

Ok, You’re Burnt Out - So now what?

Session Category Sessions off the "Drupal Island" Audience All Attendees Speaker(s) dbungard

This has been a historical time. Discussions about mental health and boundaries have become common place. And as we are coming out of this historical time, many of us find ourselves asking “What’s next?” In this talk we’ll quickly go over identifying your burn out and dive into what to do about it. This may include:

  • Tactics to rewrite your internal narrative
  • How to do a SWOT analysis of your stressors
  • How to ask for help

The goal of this session is to give you not only hope but also the tools to find the path out of Burn Out.

All the cool things you can do when you don’t support IE11 (and how we can use these in Olivero)

Session Category Development & Performance Audience Intermediate Speaker(s) mherchel

Hallelujah! Drupal will no longer support Internet Explorer when version 10 comes out later this year! How will that change Olivero, and the rest of Drupal core? What new fancy features will this enable?

In this presentation, I’ll walk attendees through new modern CSS and JS including things like

  • CSS custom properties (you might already be familiar with these)
  • :is()  and :where() selector syntax
  • the all property combined with the revert value
  • CSS Grid
  • :focus-within and :focus-visible
  • Selector arguments within :not()
  • JavaScript optional chaining
  • Lots more!

How can we use this cornucopia of awesomeness in Drupal core? What features become possible?

  • Dark modes
  • Color changing
  • Lots more!

Hopefully this will get you excited about the future, and you can take these lessons home to your own project to optimize your own codebases and create new innovations.

Drupal at the backbone: Streamlined dependency management and API integration in your Drupal web app

Session Category Development & Performance Audience Intermediate Speaker(s) fractalgalexy

Drupal can be used as the backbone of your web app that utilizes an array of endless APIs, microservices, and libraries. In this way, you can build upon the stable core Drupal functionality such as user management and extend it in almost any way imaginable. Just find a library or service you need and plug it in through either an API or through composers dependency management system namely composer.json.

In this session, we will cover these points

How to include all dependencies in your composer.json file and patch contrib modules that still have hardcoded dependencies in their repositories. For example

Drupal as an API and reliance on third-party frontend frameworks pros and cons of using the core Drupal templating system vs decoupled architecture

How to integrate third-party APIs or micro-services to implement almost any functionality imaginable.

Using the http_client_manager module to manage HTTP Clients using Guzzle Service Descriptions with YAML/ JSON 

10 things new Drupal developers should absolutely, positively know

Session Category Beginner Track Audience Beginner Speaker(s) ultimike

If you're a new or aspiring Drupal developer, then figuring out exactly what you need to learn (and when) can be confusing and sometimes (usually) overwhelming. 

In this session we'll list 10 skills that all aspiring Drupal developers should initially focus on. The list was developed from our experience in teaching the long-form Drupal Career Online workshop for the past 10 years as well as interviews with various Drupal organizations about their hiring processes.